Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue

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Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue

In 2002, Visconti introduced the very first Visconti Van Gogh to the market. With this, Visconti succeeded in making an unparalleled writing pleasure accessible to everyone. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, such as transparent acrylic with natural elements, each pen, just like Van Gogh's masterpieces, is a unique work of art in itself.
Now, with the Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue, we pay homage to the painter's iconic masterpiece. This pen embodies the beautiful brushstrokes and depth of Van Gogh's portraiture, while also offering a writing experience unlike any other. Bring a piece of timeless art into your home now with the Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue.


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Längd stängd penna (mm)141
Diameter (mm)11
MekanismDra mekanism
Färg på bläcketBlå
Garanti (år)2