Parker 51 Black CT Ballpoint pen + Etui Giftset

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Max: 24 tecken

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Parker 51 Black CT Balpen + Etui Giftset

The Parker 51 Black CT Ballpoint Pen + Case Gift Set is a sophisticated writing instrument set from the prestigious Parker brand. The set includes a ballpoint pen with an elegant black finish and chrome details. The Parker 51 is known for its timeless design and excellent writing performance. The set comes with a matching case, making it an ideal gift for both personal use and special occasions. With this set, you have an elegant writing instrument and a handy pouch to store it safely, ensuring that you are always ready to write effortlessly.


Mer information
EAN-code 6097640623649
Varumärke Parker
Typ av penna Kulspetspenna
Färg Svart
Längd stängd penna (mm) 136
Diameter (mm) 11
Accenter Krom
Mekanism Vridmekanism
Färg på bläcket Blå
Garanti (år) 2
Weight 23
Graveringens färg Silvergrå
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